Thursday, 10 July 2014

Plan A Trade. Trade A Plan.

Chance are that you might have started a trading investment business. Chances are that it might be a stock trading. A place where some people play there luck and some play with their strategies . If you are one of them, if you are playing a game of money, I am sure you must be having doubts you want to clear off. I am sure you must be having the fear of loosing money. Well if this is what you are going through, you are at the right place for your answers.

Every business , every trading investment scheme has its day up and day down. The same thing as you say "Dawn followed by Dusk". A successful trader has to be magnanimous, responsible, convivial, intrepid and stoical. Most importantly a trader should be responsible whatever happens to his money. Hi Five to you if you made a profit today but anytime, any moment if you went through a LOSS, its only you and you who is responsible for it. A brilliant trader comes up with the responsibility of bearing worst scenarios instead for searching someone to blame.

The question is, how to be a successful trader?. I don't believe in promotion mails that promise you to make you a millionaire through trading. Its just a flawless idea to believe these mails. A successful trader has his/her own plan, and if you don't have any still, the first  thing is to plan your trade then trade your plan. Every trader has his/her plan and if you have to ask someone else your plan, trading is a the place for you. Leave it today before you lose your money. A precise and accurate knowledge about trading(a lot of e-books and strategies are there online) plus a plan of your own is going to bring you a huge gain. Go home , take out a paper, a pencil and plan your trade.    

Chances are that you might have a plan of yours, you invested in stocks, hooked up day and night watching the screens to keep a check of your investments but eventually resulted in a loss. Trading is like learning, first few years(3 years should be enough) are like investing in a college where you are learning trading. Your losses are your tuition fees. Review yourself for each loss. Ask yourself that whether you worked according to your plan? If YES, than review your plan because it needs some betterment and if the answer is NO, search for the reason why you didn't worked according to your plan and eliminate it.

What would you expect from a person who has invested millions of dollars, is an amazing trader but the market is at the verge of crashing? Expect him going MAD?INSANE? . Well, if that is what you think then you are wrong. All amazing traders have a PLAN of their own. No matter what happens to the market, they believe their plan and they stick to it no matter what the condition is.

So, play with your concise at its best and start making a plan of your own which you believe best fits your trading style. 
Signing myself as
Hitesh Sharma

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