Monday, 14 July 2014


I once went to a village. A rural community lacking big and exotic shops. No proper food. No means of communication, no means of convivial life style and no places to hangout. I had a good amount of cash with me. Almost 6000/- Indian rupees, a debit card as well. Were these Rs 6000/- could do anything good to me? was this debit card of any use to me?. Obviously not. What i am trying to bring out is that there are two different things humans are confused with i.e WEALTH and MONEY.

Money is just a piece of paper with the values vaguely stated by humans. A means of trade? Yes, alright that's a great deal of trading globally no doubt but is it something we should be working or running for?. Obviously not. 

What would you do with your million dollar bank account if you don't have anything around to purchase? . Whom are you going to pay when no one would be there to work for you?. YES, now that is what money is. Just a piece of paper our society has created. 

As humans, the only creature on this beautiful planet with a glib magnanimity we carry between our shoulders, we should focus on creating wealth instead of 'MONEY'. Nourish yourself and your planet as these two things will make the cycle of existence continue instead of exploiting something that carries no value and if you still run after money unconscionably, i would suggest you to take your money and live in a jungle for a while.

Create the wealth and not the money. As creating wealth with automatically uplift the so called "market mover" i.e money. Believe me, wealth is the true market mover.

Signing Myself As
Hitesh Sharma  

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