Tuesday, 1 July 2014

making 1 MILLION $

I don't know how many of us think that success stories like KFC and many more are truly amazing and inspiring But truly speaking, its really not something for me neither i prefer to walk on the roads like these famous personalities did. This successful giant,KFC, the owner as we all know, Mr. Sanders is undoubtedly one of the best in his areas but talking about you , me and everyone here i.e particularly the youngsters. Do we want to make millions at the age when its too late to enjoy life? Is 65 the best age for you to make millions? I know your answer. Like mine, "no, i want to make millions by the time i am 23". That is what i want for myself. I want to be a millionaire by the time i am 23 and that is what i keep saying and recalling because that creates the zest to be a millionaire and i want you to do the same if you want to make millions.
Following our some of the "practice everyday" thing that i do and i prefer you to do if you want to be a MILLIONAIRE. I am particularly stressing over the word 'millionaire' because that is what you are here for.All the following listings are derived from personal experiences and successful peoples life.

a) I always talk about waking up early. Waking up when everyone is asleep. When the world is silent,u wake up early and contemplate which helps you to come up with new ideas which are worth a million dollar. By contemplation, i didn't mean to sit in lotus position and meditate. Its all about finding who you are in the silence, whatever be your way.
b) An everyday exercise, write down 10 new ideas everyday. whatever it be. So, next year you will be having 3650 new ideas. i bet you will have 1 idea worth a million dollar out of these 3650 ideas.
c) This one is my best. Keep in touch with your friends, family,beloved ones because you don't know whom you would need to make life a pleasurable journey.
d) "GIVE IT A TRY". You have one idea, you believe that it can make your success story. But you hesitate, you fear the failure.My dear friend, success demands risk, but a calculated risk. I know its pretty tough for a starter but every successful person today was a starter at some time. JUST GO FOR IT.


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